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Coach Family Pyme is your trusted consultancy

Achieve your business objectives with a consultancy for SMEs and family businesses

Coach Family SMEs is present to help you transcend towards what you really want for your growth, whether on a personal or business level. Through our trajectory in consulting for SMEs and family businesses, we act on different key aspects to guide you towards the achievement of your objectives.

Focusing on what is really important is the key to success!

We will carry out a detailed analysis of your company and define a personalized action plan. We will work on the design of the organization, optimization of financial models and establishment of indicators for effective monitoring. In addition, we will address priorities and guidelines, establishing executive committees and advisory councils.

The purpose of the sessions Coach Family SMEs is to turn your company into a place where you feel secure in your decisions while you achieve your goals. you will also get business development support, application of technologies to improve the efficiency and productivity of your company. We will focus our efforts on process optimization, human resource management, and talent search and retention.

Consulting services for SMEs and family businesses

Family businesses face challenges, threats, but also unique opportunities. The strategies of the consulting processes of Coach Family Pyme understand the importance of the affective component in this type of organization. We will teach you how to manage, regulate, normalize and structure this dynamic for the well-being of your family and your company. It is true that each family business is unique, so we will develop actions, especially in the areas of human resources and organizational planning.

To make your business more competitive, we will act on:

Analysis of the company and definition of the action plan.

Processes, optimization and definition of objectives.

Financial control and monitoring models.

Human resources, organization and search and retention of talent.

Application and optimization
of technology.

Governance of the company: Executive Committees, Council and Advisory Councils.

Business development.

Organization design.

Definition of indicators and monitoring.

Business consulting:
Jose Manuel Ruiz Caro

We will work closely together to establish an individualized action plan that we will later apply to the address of your company. With my consultancy you will find the support and guidance you need to handle the unique challenges of your company.

Personal and business coaching: Iván Ruiz

I am committed to your success and I want to help you reach your full potential. with my approach to personalized coaching, I will give you the necessary tools and strategies to overcome obstacles, achieve your goals and grow as a person. Together we will achieve exceptional results!