Awaken your potential and dare to be who you want to be
with the business and personal coaching sessions of Iván Ruiz

Awaken your potential and dare to be who you want to be with Iván Ruiz's business and personal coaching sessions

If you are looking to boost your potential or get out of a situation of personal or professional stagnation, you have come to the right place. In the sessions of "coaching in its purest form" of ivan ruiz you will find an ideal place where you can start your journey to success in your life or in your work through powerful Accompaniment sessions on growth, values, vital balance and self-improvement. ivan ruiz offers specialized coaching services for people who want to reach their full potential and achieve the most ambitious goals.

It's time to give a new approach to your life or your professional development!

With a personalized vision and based on extensive expertise in personal and professional training, ivan ruiz It has transformed the lives of dozens of people over the years.

By opting for the “pure coaching” sessions that he offers, you will experience transformative benefits, from greater clarity and focus on your personal and professional goals, to a development of leadership skills. No matter what your goals are, (advance your career, improve your personal relationships, get out of a rut or find a balance between work and life), ivan ruiz offers you the tools and strategies necessary to achieve success.


Coaching against addictions

Addiction coaching focuses on overcoming the addiction itself, but also on help you rebuild your life in a healthier way and meaningful. An expert in adolescents, here the parents, family and the affected person will find a place where they can rebuild and find the necessary tools to support them. You will find support in the identification and establishment of goals, in the creation of positive habits and routines. 

In addition, you will have access to emotional management techniques so that you can deal with the challenges that may arise during your process. A professional hand to get out of the rut and start from scratch.

personal coaching

Personal coaching is an opportunity to explore your own growth and development in the closest environment. ivan ruiz has the ideal tools for discover your strengths, overcome obstacles and create a clear vision of what you want to achieve in your life. Make a life plan from your principles, values and long-term goals.

You will find effective and constant training to set realistic goals and develop an effective action plan to achieve them. In addition, you will find emotional support and learn techniques to manage stress, increase your confidence and improve your communication skills.

organizational coaching

Organizational coaching serves as an emotional and growth strategy for the management team, middle managers and operators in a company. Iván Ruiz accompanies the management of your business in the construction of a coaching plan to improve the skills of the staff, assess the capacity of the members for certain challenges and, above all, generate new forms of leadership based on excellence and self-improvement.

Our organizational coaching approach focuses on:

  • Organizational coach sessions for middle managers and executives focused on discovering new talents, skills and ways of working as a team.
  • Business coach sessions for Human Resources with the aim of providing the means for job interviews, selection processes and group dynamics.
  • Sessions with the staff to instill management strategies, generate common values and establish future goals.
executive coaching

Specifically designed to help professionals in executive positions reach their full potential. You will find the advice you are looking for where you can develop strong leadership skills, improve your strategic decision making and optimize your performance in the business environment.

Some of the sessions we use in this service are:

  • Coaching sessions for managers in order to improve strategy and set new future goals for the company.
  • Emotional training sessions for managers, focused on strengthening team spirit and the proposal of joint values.
  • Sharing sessions with the staff to analyze how to communicate to the team effectively and with a tendency to build close ties.

Why should I trust Iván Ruiz's coaching sessions?

Things don't change by themselves. If you need different results, you must do something different, whether in your private, social or work life. But sometimes the routine does not allow us to make decisions that take us out of our comfort zone, or at least that give us back the passion to do different things.

The coaching sessions ivan ruiz They help you give yourself that little push you need to grow and take charge of your future. 

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